Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Hamptons Home of Candace Bergen

Hi Everyone!

One more shingled house to share with you.

Today's house is owned by actress Candace Bergen and her husband, Marshall Rose.  Since they also have homes in New York and California, this is a year round getaway for them in the Hamptons.

I saw this house in Architectural Digest a couple of years ago, and loved the homey and comfy interiors....perhaps because it is a year round getaway, it has a lot more color and warmth than most summer homes........which are often blue and white and have more of a coastal look and feel.

The designer chosen to update this house was Elissa Cullman, the same designer chosen to do Oprah Winfrey's Hawaiian home, which I posted about some time ago.  I mention this because you will see similar Cullman touches in the addition of animal weathervanes, quilts, lots of color and an overall inviting ambience.  

Candace likes animals and whimsy in her home and she has achieved both here.  Certainly, her beloved dog, Jerry, seems to enjoy lapping up the good life.  I don't blame him!


Love this long, spacious back deck.

Another view of the backyard.

Luxuriant greenery along the walkway

Notice the dog figurines in the living room

The animal weathervanes and the dog under the console table add whimsy

Al fresco dining

Upstairs sitting room - notice the quilt on the wall to the left

The master bedroom with a comfy sitting area

The guest room with another quilt on the wall

And here's Jerry!  Living la dolce vita!  A lucky dog to say the least!

Architectural Digest

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