Thursday, June 20, 2013

Keeping up with Hilary and Wilbur

Keeping up with Hilary and Wilbur Ross' real estate transactions is not easy and researching the details has kept me busy this week!  Of course, their affiliation with Mario Buatta is what got me started on all this in the first place.

I heard through the grapevine recently that Architectural Digest would be featuring a Mario Buatta layout on the redecoration of the Ross' home in their July issue.  For some reason, I thought it must be their New York apartment that was decorated by Buatta ten years ago and which I featured in Tuesday's post.  Little did I know that they had sold that apartment years ago and bought another, and much larger, apartment also decorated by Buatta.  Or that they have collaborated with Buatta on at least 9 homes between them - before and since they married one another!

Although I had seen the home featured below many times before, I did not realize it was the Ross' New York city home.

As for the feature in the current issue of Architectural Digest, it is stunning!!!  I only picked this magazine up yesterday after I posted my item on the Palm Beach guest house.  I wish I could share the new pics with you, but I can't yet..........however, if you want to see the latest Buatta/Geary/Ross collaboration, pick up the magazine and see for yourself what magic Buatta performs on homes.  The Ross' Southampton home is featured and it is truly took my breath away......seriously!!  Also, the Palm Beach guest house (which I featured yesterday from the Palm Beach Daily News) is also featured with some extra pictures.

So, today we'll look at the Ross' current New York city home.

Before photo of Ross' living room as owned by Earl Blackwell - known as one of the most famous apartments in New York city.  Notice the barrel vaulted ceiling.

After - 30 ft. high barrel vaulted ceiling and notice the architectural detail added by Buatta -
not to mention the English country feel Buatta is noted for.

Notice fireplaces at each end of living room!

View into the dining room

Corner banquette outside of living room - very similar corner to banquette in first living room featured on Tuesday     

By joining these two tables, the Ross' can seat 22 people.

Dining room with wall to wall fabric

Canopy bed designed by Buatta inspired by Brighton Pavilion.
Hand painted floor and Pratesi linens.

The tv is tucked behind the Chinese screen over the fireplace.

The pine library similar to their former library.

New York Social Diary
Master bedroom photo - Architectural Digest

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  1. Totally enjoying your posts on Mario Buatta! So love anything he does ... feminine yet tailored. YUM!!! Your blog is always such a joy ... Thanks for sharing your love of design with us!!!