Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Little Jewel Box

Good morning!

We're having another beautiful morning here on the's been raining and incredibly mild this week, so our snow is quickly disappearing.

I have a little 'jewel box' for you today.  At about 500 sq. ft. it covers this empty nest couple's needs perfectly.

Downsizing from a large five bedroom home, this couple required a small space in the city during the week.  They retire to their larger home on Cape Cod for their getaways and family gatherings.

Interior designer, Mary Douglas Drysdale, was given the task of turning this small space into a cozy and welcoming haven for two.  

This row of Georgetown townhouses were built around 1900 as living quarters for people working at the larger homes in the area. Initially, there weren't even stairs to the second floor - just a ladder. The upstairs consists of two small rooms and a small bathroom.

Their home is on the left.

Sunny yellow is the homeowner's favorite color.  The chair by the door is a place to drop your keys in a bowl.

The opposite end of the living room is just off the kitchen.  The Madeline Weinrib area rug is very similar to the damask on the furniture.  Notice the dining area off the kitchen.

The stylish shelves with white dishes are easy on the eyes.  Notice the painted floor.

The bed was painted to match the chest of drawers which was painted by the lady of house's grandfather and given to her when she was a little girl.  Drysdale loved the headboard motif and transferred the design to the painted walls.  The wedding quilt is from Stella Rubin Antiques.

The floral, handpainted detail.

Wedding quilt detail.

The chest from the homeowner's childhood.

The sisal rug was taped off and sprayed with acrylic paint to form the stripes.

Chest of drawers detail.

The bath between the two rooms upstairs.  The second room was was turned into a closet and dressing room.

Sometimes I do posts about larger and very expensive homes, but only if there is something particular I like about them, such as the color scheme, the prettiness of the rooms or perhaps because they were done by one of my favorite designers.  And while decorating ideas can be gleaned from any space, it's the small spaces that I really love and find the coziest..........always have loved small spaces and would take a small space anyday over a large space. They also offer the biggest creative and organizational challenges, but it's been proven over and over again that it can be done and done beautifully, as shown above.

Hope you enjoy the ideas in this home and that you have a great day!


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  1. Love the rooms in this house. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.