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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Children's Shop

Since I started this week posting about kids' rooms, I thought I would carry on with the theme.

I love the possibilities of what a child's room can be..........always have.  After our only child, a daughter, was born I spent the next several years ensuring she had her own 'little haven'..........and with a husband in the banking business during the '70s and 80s, it involved many, many moves and many, many bedrooms across Canada.  I honed my decorating skills during those moves and cemented my love of design.

In August 1999, when our first grandchild was born, I was at home, retired and looking for inspiration........albeit in another new home for us.  While we were going through several renovations ourselves at that time, everything that had to be done soon took a backseat to our new little granddaughter and I very quickly discovered a whole new world of nursery design...........the baby nursery was no longer just a room with a crib, a rocking chair, a change table and a had now become a little world of it's own.

I'm sure I bought every magazine I could get my hands on with a child's room in it and I began tearing out the pages for future reference.  

When I came upon the following images in a House & Garden, September 1999, issue, I was mesmerized.........I had never seen anything like this and being a long time lover of English country, chintz, antiques, canopied beds.......these were dream ideas.  

This is Susie Hilfiger's former shop, Best & Co., which was situated in Greenwich, Connecticut at the time.  She had just bought it from a previous owner and planned to expand the whole idea of high end, traditional decorating of nurseries and kids' rooms.  The showroom, as you can see, was designed as a total living space, but also included every accessory imaginable for a small child - including Tommy Hilfiger clothes in the armoire.

Best & Co. became the only American source for Dragon's of Walton Street, London, handpainted furniture, antique high chairs, early 19th century floral prints, needlepoint samplers - and commissioned furniture.  Later this store expanded to Nantucket.

Alas, it didn't survive and the stores closed in 2007.  But, I'm glad I kept these pictures of another time and another place.      


Susie Hilfiger in her Greenwich shop, Best & Co.

Pure English country.

The wall opposite the canopied twin beds.

What little girl would not want a canopy bed?

Beatrix Potter bedding from Dragon's of Walton Street, London
(The designers of Prince George's nursery, Kensington Palace)

House & Garden
September 1999

Friday, July 15, 2011

French Country Decorating

I have often been asked what the difference is between English country and French country decorating and other than colors, not a whole lot really.

When considering French country decor, think about the colors of the south of France.....the sun drenched lavender fields, sunflower gold, terracottas, deep reds and cerulean blue skies.  And therein lies the French country color palette.

As far as fabrics go, toile is probably the most used in French decor, mixed with ikats, ginghams and opposed to the floral chintzes of English design.  I'm sure the color scheme of yellow, blue and white comes to mind often when thinking about French country, and while it is a popular color scheme, there are many others, as you can see in the rooms below.  French ceramics are very colorful and oftentimes, a home's palette will be taken from a homeowner's collection of ceramics or china.

Also, as in English design, homeowners love their animals, animal art, pastoral scenes and overall animal themes such as dogs, roosters and cattle.

As mentioned yesterday regarding English country design, French country also involves most of the same elements as mixing old with the new, light woods mixed with dark woods, natural materials for floors, wall and timbered ceilings......and surrounding oneself with the collections one loves......whether it's books, ceramics, animal themed pieces, all adds up to comfy, snug rooms that are warm and welcoming.

The foremost French country decorator in North America is a man by the name of Charles Faudree, who is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He is a French country afficionado and is the turn to guy for his expertise.....many of his accessories are authentic vintage items that he picks up on his regular shopping trips to France and he now has his own furniture line of French style bergere chairs and his own fabric line.

All of the rooms below are by Charles Faudree, the first five are from his weekend cottage, called "The Roost", and the rest are from permanent homes he has will notice the difference between the cottage rooms and the traditional house interiors.  He has also published several books on the subject.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Notice the natural wood walls and ceiling, mix of beautiful fabrics - toiles, stripes and gingham, his quilt and his personal collection of books, ceramics - it reads French design in every way.

 Charles' beautiful blue and white ceramic collection and rooster in his cabin kitchen.

Again, beautiful mix of fabrics in blue and white and painted beamed ceiling.

Look how tiny and cosy this bathroom is and he has a vanity, a chest of drawers as well as a perfectly accented room with wall art and bath accessories conveniently placed.  Impeccable taste.

How much more inviting could this bed nook be for a guest?  Or a dog?

Another perfectly accessorized room with a tea table in front of the sofa.

This is the fireplace opposite the sofa above.  Dog art, ceramics, gilt frames.

An animal art filled foyer.

Rustic beamed ceiling and lots of animal art/ceramics.

Impeccable detail again - fabrics, books, collections and cosy furniture arrangements.

The wall opposite above sofa - stone fireplace, flowers, fabrics and animals.

Love this cosy little dining nook.

Love the sofa between the bookcases and again, the tea table instead of a lower coffee table.

All photos via Traditional Home

Thursday, July 14, 2011

English Country Decorating

This house is the epitome of English country the manor born, mind you! 

Imagine returning to this home every day and having these 5 little faces greeting you......or curling up by the fire with a favorite book......or cooking dinner in this kitchen..........surrounded by all the things you love......including a large basket on the kitchen table to place one of your pet chickens in while you putter about.

This is a larger version of the English cottage look of yesterday.......same details, but larger rooms......wonderful colors, chintz fabrics, comfy furniture, lots of wall art, plates, lamps, area rugs......and still cozy despite the size of the rooms.....because the homeowner has surrounded herself with the things she loved!

As a passionate Anglophile, this is my cup of tea!

All photos courtesy of Traditional Home