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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Charming Guest Cottage

This guest cottage is pure perfection!

A Connecticut couple building an estate had this guest cottage constructed to live in while the 'big' house was under construction.

I would love to know the square footage and see the bedrooms and bath, but there were no photos available.  

However, what I have seen has convinced me that this is a cottage I could live in quite happily.  The photos below speak for themselves.


Back exterior showing french doors


Living room and loft




Brooks & Falotico

Monday, March 21, 2016

Guest Cottage of Richard Keith Langham

Hi there,

We're in the middle of a nor'easter here today - a springtime storm after enjoying a relatively mild winter.......go figure!

Despite the weather, I'm in the mood for small and quaint cottage ideas this week, so I'll start with this small guest cottage by interior designer Richard Keith Langham.

Formerly a garage, Langham has made it feel spacious by completely utilizing the main home's outdoor space.  


Isn't this cozy?

 This covered pool pagoda is a great conversation area.

Langham painted this concrete patio in a checkerboard design for the pool pagoda.
Table from Pier 1.

A bright splash of color in the bar cart.

This simple but inviting al fresco dining area is on a simple wooden platform.

Combining all the outdoor conversation, swimming and dining areas makes for a small guest cottage with very big style.

Don't you think?

Hamptons Cottages & Gardens