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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Americana Summer Style

How to spend the long weekend in July..............

Relax on the porch!


Snuggle with your best friend!

Relax some more!

Nibble again.

Have a chat with your best friend.

Have a cool drink!

Set up the buffet table!

Eat (a little) cake!

Have a swim!

Relax again!

Take time to smell the flowers!

Sleep tight!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Genghis Khan at The Plaza

Speaking of the Westminster Dog Show, Martha Stewart showed her chow-chow, Genghis Khan, who took Best of Breed!

While in the city for the show, they (yes, they!) stayed at none other than The Plaza!  And not only did Genghis Khan get to enjoy the beautiful surroundings once enjoyed by Eloise, he also managed to dine in the magnificent dining room!

And served water in a silver bowl!  Nothing is out of bounds when it comes to treating Genghis like the royalty he is!

Genghis Khan at the Plaza

"A drink, my dear?"

"I'm ready for walkies!"

"That was a lot of hard work - I'm exhausted!"
His black tongue is normal for a chow.

All images via Daily Mail

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Pink Guest House of Martha Stewart

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I thought I would feature some pinks and reds in the coming days.

I wondered how many of you have seen Martha Stewart's pink guest house at her Skylands estate on Seal Island off the coast of Maine.

Martha purchased this estate about 10 years ago and it came completely furnished.  Since it had formerly been owned by the Edsel Ford family (that's right, Henry's son), you can only imagine what treasures it beheld.  The vintage wicker itself is to die for.  The laundry room in the main house is unlike any laundry room I have ever seen (I will show you that after Valentine's).  Not only were the linens and china from all over the world left behind, but an original Edsel car was still parked in the new, of course.

Martha has worked her magic on the estate bringing it right up to snuff.  The mile long crushed pink granite driveway is raked, washed and stored every winter and laid again every spring!  The main house has pink granite fireplaces, as well.

So, in keeping with the pink tones already installed in the guest house, Martha worked with it and embellished it as only she can.  Pure decadence!


Pink dining area

Pink and gold is always perfect!

Pink porcelain tea service
Pink and gold Venetian canal art commissioned
by Martha

Venetian glass candleholders

Vintage wicker - gorgeous!
Mismatched pieces were spray painted gray to co-ordinate

Pink linens

Bedroom corner

Bedroom wicker desk

Pink Venetian mirror picked up
at an antique shop to go in the pink bathroom
with the original pink glazed tiles

Pink bath with pink embroidered hand towels

All images via Martha Stewart