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Monday, February 27, 2012

Fabulous French Country

Who can get enough of Charles Faudree's charming decor......he is a true master of french country!  So masterful with his placement of objects.......each of his rooms has a lot to enjoy as your eye scans the picture as a whole, but it never looks cluttered to me.  Perhaps because every object is so well chosen, collectible and part of a collection........every item is appreciated and his color sense never fails!

The rooms below are from different homes he has decorated over his career.


Love this room!

The other side of the twin beds


One of his very elegant rooms!

One of his more minimal looks!

So cosy and inviting

What a great mix!

What charm!

Charles' beloved dogs on pillows
showing his fabric collection

All images via Traditional Home

Thursday, September 01, 2011

A Southampton Home by Meg Braff

This is a pretty house with interior designs by Meg Braff.

Since the house is located in East Hampton, New York, I immediately thought the color scheme was based on the surrounding scene of sky and ocean (blue), sand (sisal, toile and stripes in master bedroom) and the natural third accent color would have been yellow to represent the sun.  But, I was wrong.

As I perused the images, I saw the third accent color was green.  Aha!  Never assume anything!

As I read the interview with the designer, I realized it was the living room painting over the fireplace from which she drew her colors.  It's one of her favorite 1960's Swedish artists, Gustav Bolin, whose works she collects.  Although the clients were at first hesitant about the painting, Meg convinced them to try it for a month and they were thrilled with the final results.

And therein lies the secret of easy color combinations by designers.  I've heard it over and over again......if you are not sure where to start with a room color scheme, use a favorite piece of art, fabric or colorful carpet.....after all, the artists and designers of all of these items are master colorists.    

We all know that the artist, Matisse, is famous as a master colorist, so I was intrigued to read some time ago, that he used fabrics of the time to gather his color schemes.  Interesting!!


All images via House Beautiful