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Monday, March 19, 2012

French Country Cosy

Good morning Everyone!

What an absolutely gorgeous morning here in Charlottetown......we haven't had great weather this early in the year in years!

I've got to get out and enjoy some of this very rare sunshine and warmth.........

I hope you enjoy these beautiful images today......I fell in love with them when I discovered them.

Let me know if you notice what they all have in common!


All images via Get It Cut

Monday, February 27, 2012

Fabulous French Country

Who can get enough of Charles Faudree's charming decor......he is a true master of french country!  So masterful with his placement of objects.......each of his rooms has a lot to enjoy as your eye scans the picture as a whole, but it never looks cluttered to me.  Perhaps because every object is so well chosen, collectible and part of a collection........every item is appreciated and his color sense never fails!

The rooms below are from different homes he has decorated over his career.


Love this room!

The other side of the twin beds


One of his very elegant rooms!

One of his more minimal looks!

So cosy and inviting

What a great mix!

What charm!

Charles' beloved dogs on pillows
showing his fabric collection

All images via Traditional Home

Conservatory Living

We don't see many conservatories in this part of the world, but I have always loved them.

They seem to be a way of life in other parts of the world though, especially England.   And they are used in many ways, as you will see below.

Family room

Family room




Living room

Plants and pets!

All images via Vale Garden Houses