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Friday, November 27, 2015

FF - Trevor and Alexis Traina's San Francisco Home

Hi there,

Here it is Flashback Friday again.......

This master bedroom of Alexis and Trevor Traina has been around for awhile, but I just discovered it this week when I bought 'Ann Getty Interior Style' book by Diane Dorrans Saeks.

While the whole house is beautiful, it was the master bedroom that really caught my eye.

To start with, the pink toile is really stunning - and with the custom made, cast-bronze twig arms acting as the headboard to drape the fabric over, with lanterns hanging on each side of the bed from the twig, it's absolutely dreamy.  Also, notice the twig window rods.  The twig framing was made by San Francisco artist, Andrew Fisher.

The faux-bois painted paneled walls were beautifully done by Karin Wikstrom.

P.S. My left margin is not engaging for some reason - centering my script is not deliberate.....another fix to work on this weekend.

Have a great weekend!

A conversation area by the bed.

Beautiful japanned secretary.

Another seating area in front of the fireplace.

Alexis' private bath is in a sun-bathed oval room of the house with Nina Campbell's parrot fabric at the windows.  Always loved that fabric with parrots, pink roses, butterflies and ornamental cherries, as seen below.

Nina Campbell Parroquet Fabric
Love this fabric!

Monday, November 02, 2015

Moodboard Monday - French Blue and Red


I had to include this rare red owl with those beautiful blue eyes.

House Beautiful

Chinoiserie Chic

Tobi Fairley

Wendy Valliere

Wendy Valliere

Carolyne Roehm

Charles Faudree

Homes and Antiques

Mark D. Sikes

Sarah Richardson

Susi Rydahl




And last, but certainly not least, I could not resist this little fellow dressed in his beautiful blue and red........looking like he's enjoying the streets of Paris!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Some Wonderful Girl's Rooms

Little girls often dream of having their very own special rooms........their own little havens.

The following rooms have lots of details and ideas to incorporate into a child's room to personalize for any child.........murals, canopies, wall art, wonderful fabrics, monograms, side chairs, antiques, chandeliers and stuffed friends scattered about with comfort, color and prettiness everywhere!

Any child's dream!


What little girl wouldn't love this room?  Living in a tent like room and surrounded by friends?

Love this ostrich painting.

Betty Lou Phillips

Love these murals

The Eloise Room at the Plaza by Betsey Johnson

Jonathan Adler
Marjory Segal

Pink toile is alway welcome!


Ruthie Sommers

Who could resist tents for a sleepover?

Beautiful tufted beds!

A fun, colorful room.

Annie Brahler

Barry Dixon

Betty Lou Phillips

House Beautiful
Elle Decor