Tuesday, August 20, 2013

India Hicks at Home

As a followup to yesterday's post on Hibiscus Hill in Harbour Island, I thought it might be fun to see the interiors of India's home.

I've seen her home featured in the past and was able to find a few images for your perusal..........her style at home is very casual and relaxed...........a perfect Island lifestyle.  It's a home full of family history via photos, books, art, tablescapes and mementoes.

A well lived home and life.


India and Domino.

The Mountbatten tester bed named after India's grandfather.  The floor tiles are Cuban and brought to Nassau in the 1950s.  The wall art pieces are hand colored bird prints from 1820.

Guest room.

Family macaw, Jenga.

Covered pergola.

Red, black and leather tablescape.

Domino's room with hand colored vintage prints.

A sterling tablescape.

India's desk (note the floor tiles) with a rose from Diana's bouquet on the desk.

The Wendy house painted red, white and blue like the Union Jack for the boys.

Hibiscus Hill living room.

Dining room rogues gallery of family photos.

Boy's room.

India and Domino.

Images via Veranda
Last four images via Google

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Charmed Life of India Hicks at Hibiscus Hill

The current issue of Traditional Home features the charmed life of India Hicks whose life on Harbour Island in the Bahamas is nothing short of heavenly.

India, as you will remember, was the 13 year old bridesmaid to Princess Diana and the goddaughter of Prince Charles.  Her mother, Pamela, is the daughter of the late Lord Mountbatten and her father was the renowned British designer, David Hicks.  Quite a legacy.....

India has not rested on her laurels, though.......after spending years modelling, she and her partner moved to Harbour Island in 1995 and established a very enviable lifestyle........besides her wonderful homelife with five children, India has spread her wings in many directions and is known for her home decor designs (on HSN), furniture designs, jewellery, fragrances, books she has authored and has her own shop in Harbour Island called The Sugar Mill, which I visited a couple of years ago while vacationing on the Island, and owns a hotel!  Imagine!

The following images are exterior shots of her fabulous home.

Enjoy and have a great day!

India at Hibiscus Hill


Colorful bougainvillea.

Dachsund Banger on one of India's quilts.

A 'Wendy House' after Wendy from Peter Pan - was red and white for the boys.

Daughter Domino reading in pink and white playhouse.

Tropical bird, Jenga.

India's quilts are used for everything - not just the beds.

India's tablescape.

Traditional Home

Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday's Featured Friend - Dog Days of Summer

Love this picture taken in front of the Cypress Inn, Doris Day's dog friendly hotel in Carmel, California.

Now that our 'dog days of summer' are coming to an end here on Prince Edward Island, what could more appropriate than to end this week with this picture!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Boca Grande Villa

This Boca Grande, Florida, home owned by interior designer Nancy Morton and her husband, Bill, is a real charmer...........and I love everything about it.

Nancy, president of Ginger Lily Interior Designs, and her husband inherited this four-bedroom villa and she has been lightening and brightening it ever since.......as she says, "it's a bit of an obsession now" and the changes are ongoing.

Looks perfect to me just as it is...........


(To read more about this home, go to Architectural Digest.)

Ranch style home........one storey living!

Plunge pool in courtyard.......what a great idea.....a pool just big enough to wade in and cool off!

Nancy at home

Living room detail

Pecky cypress panelling in living room

Master bedroom with trompe l'oeil border on wall

Cypress beamed loggia - gorgeous!  All the trompe l'oeil art by Bob Christian.

Dining room walls with trompe l'oeil chinoiserie

Chinoiserie detail in dining room

Guest room perfection

More guest room perfection!

Architectural Digest

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

An Early William Diamond Design

As a followup to yesterday's Baratta post, I thought perhaps the true fans of Diamond Baratta might be interested in seeing an early (1980s perhaps) Manhattan apartment designed by William Diamond.

You will recognize his hand in these images, but it was long before they formed a partnership and amassed their unique group of artisans for their personalized details.

This post could just as easily have been about 'Animal Art in Decor', as that seems to be the main theme here......you can never go wrong with animal art and it adds a wonderful touch to the mix of quilts, tartans, chintz, hand hooked rugs, needlepoint and antiques.  Overall, the owners wanted a very relaxed 18th - 19th century look, so they shopped carefully for their choice of antiques.  Diamond went with vintage trunks to act as coffee tables, as coffee tables weren't really available in earlier centuries.

Now that William Diamond has retired, Anthony Baratta continues to forge ahead solo.


A contemporary hand hooked rug.

Love the pastoral art among the other treasures.

Plube, their black lab.

Dog art, dog books and another pastoral art piece.

Needlepoint dog.

The den with more needlepoint and quilted animal pillows and wall art.

See the reflection in the dining room mirror.

Hooked dog rug and their two pets.

Quilts and chintz.

House and Garden